Sphynx cat food

Sphynx cats have higher metabolisms and more sensitive stomachs than other breeds. So they require a healthier and more balanced diet than whatever happens to be on sale at the grocery store.

Despite how this sounds, it does not have to be expensive in order for your cat to eat quality food.

The best way (in my opinion) to determine a good food for sphynx cats, is to go with something that lists meat or fish as one of its first three ingredients. If any type of grain (wheat, rice, corn, ect) is listed first, it isn't a good food to be feeding your cat. Felines are carnivores by nature, their bodies are built to digest meat, not extra fiber. Extra fiber will do the same thing to them that it does to us, cause diarrhea

Some owners choose to feed only wet food, some feed only dry food. Some feed a mix of both, and some dedicated owners choose to feed raw.

I feed Alice and Kyra both wet and dry. They eat Natures Balance low calorie for a daily snack and get a can of Fancy feast wet food for dinner. Older cats need a slightly different diet (more protein) so I'll have to change their food in a few years when they get older. But for now I let them have a little bit of "junk" food.

Personally I prefer grain free foods. Foods with at least 90% meat such as Blue buffalo or Before Grain. If your on a tight budget though, which I know a lot of us are. Try Meow Mix Market Select, it's inexpensive but has great ingredients (lots of meat and very little grain).

I'm not an expert but I've done a lot of research, so you don't have too.

Sphynx cat